The Wonders of the Night Sky Through Our Eyes

Saturday 7 December 2019 - Sunday 2 February 2020

Craige Watson, Tacking Point Lighthouse (detail)

The Tamworth Regional Astronomy Club, in collaboration with Tamworth Regional Council, is excited to invite you to explore the wonders of the night sky through our eyes.

The night sky is often overlooked by many people in their busy day to day lives and taken for granted. This exhibition celebrates the amazing photographic work of amateur observers from the New England and North West Region’s astronomy clubs, photography clubs, schools and the general public. With recent advancements in astronomical telescopes, digital cameras, computers and associated technology, amateur observers are able to produce stunning, detailed images from light polluted towns and cities which rival those produced at professional astronomical observatories.

The photographic results which amateur astronomers have long dreamed about have now become achievable by using off the shelf equipment under suburban skies in their own backyards. With this equipment now routinely available, the sky is now very much the limit. The exhibition will include images and videos of the Milky Way, planets, moon, sun and deep sky objects including galaxies, nebulae as well as comets, meteors, auroras and other objects and phenomena we find interesting. Bring your imagination and enjoy the night sky!


Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

07 December 2019 - 02 February 2020