Object Therapy

ADC On Tour: An Australian Design Centre national touring exhibition

Rohan's Six Million Dollar Man. Repaired by Benja Harney. Photography by Lee Grant. Image copyright Hotel Hotel.

                                     Object Therapy

                                          ADC On Tour: An Australian Design Centre national touring exhibition

Object Therapy, is an exhibition and project by Hotel Hotel, exploring creative transformation and notions of value and repair.

29 broken objects sourced from the Canberra community, have been repaired and some completely re-imagined by noted Australian and international designers and artists.

By transforming these loved but broken objects through creative repair, Object Therapy showcases innovative design solutions while exploring the attachments we form with objects. The project encourages us to rethink our habits of material consumption and rethink the role and creative possibilities of repair in society.Items of furniture, ceramics, household appliances, textiles, jewellery, sentimental objects and even one human were all treated and reimagined giving them new value.

Object Therapy is rich with stories. The stories of the owners and what the broken objects mean to them; the stories of the designers and their process to repair the objects; and the broader story that is relevant to all of us.

To discover all the stories in Object Therapy and link to the Education Kit click here


Object Therapy is a project by Hotel Hotel, developed in collaboration with UNSW Art & Design and ANU School of Art and Design, presented by Australian Design Centre with assistance from the Australian Government's, Visions of Australia program.



Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

07 September - 27 October 2019