All is Not Lost:

Natasha Soonchild

Natasha Soonchild, Inka Pachinka, 2019, recycled and found tins, spoons, bolts, 310 x 120 mm. Photograph Natasha Soonchild

All is not Lost :

Natasha Soonchild


Natasha Soonchild is an artist and upcycler based in Nundle. Using collected found objects and neglected treasures (what might seem like “junk” to others) she creates narrative objects and Mini-Museums, breathing new life into discarded items.

Natasha tells stories within each piece she creates. Her Mini-Museum assemblages are carefully handcrafted and curated using unique collected ephemera. Her rustic robots are quirky and humorous characters. Each piece is 100% upcycled from, at times very old, rusted and well used pieces of metal.


Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

08 February - 29 March 2020