2018 JADA

Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award

Todd Fuller, Ode to Clarence 2017/18, mixed media animation on paper, 6.42mins. Courtesy MAY SPACE Gallery

2018 JADA

Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award


The Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA) is Grafton Regional Gallery’s flagship biennial art prize graciously sponsored by the Friends of Grafton Gallery.

It is with great anticipation and excitement that the project develops every two years and, in 2018 Grafton Regional Gallery celebrated its 30th year the JADA continues to celebrate drawing at its best. Each JADA celebrates excellence in contemporary drawing, and the 2018 exhibition continues this tradition with 55 artists selected from 498 entries.

The JADA celebrates drawing in all its splendour from hyper-realism that is beyond belief to the expressive and the abstract, evoking the poetic and emotional response to the human condition and our environment. Many of the works selected question and challenge the notion of traditional drawing; while others provide a contemporary perspective and reinvigorate those traditions.

There is an appealing simplicity in a drawing. An image may be conjured with marks on any surface and its immediacy takes you right there, into the palm of the artist’s hand. I find the drawn line renders the gesture somehow vulnerable. We share the intimacy of that moment of mark-making, extended to the choice of subject which may be close or distant, domestic, or otherwise connected to the life of the artist. The direct hand to mark renders it honest, direct and authentic, not tricked up, elaborated into other media. The Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award seeks the innovation in contemporary drawing in Australia, its aesthetic freedoms and ability to crystallise a nascent idea. It platforms the central importance of drawing, as an endeavour in its own right as well as in the further development of artworks.



Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

06 June - 26 July 2020