Virtual Plein Air with Michelle Hungerford

A workshop where participants will be painting in their own backyard, and be connected to Michelle and the other participants via Zoom

Emma Stilts. Tamworth Urban Landcare Group - Plein Air Painting with Michelle Hungerford 2019

Virtual Plein Air Workshop with Michelle Hungerford

We invite you to participate in our Virtual Plein Air Workshop with Michelle Hungerford. Michelle is a leading local artist and has recently had an exhibition 'The Change' at NERAM in Armidale from March to June 2020. Her landscape work is beautiful and relates to the drought and bushfire events we have all recently experienced. 

 As you well know, social distancing rules require the gallery to limit our face to face workshops for the time being, however, we wish to continue our public programs.  This is a virtual workshop - run through video conferencing software. It will connect participants who will be painting in their own backyard to Michelle and the other participants via the internet. 

This event is a collaboration with Tamworth Regional Landcare Association, a creative partnership that aims to highlight and promote the beauty of our local landscape and ecological communitites. In previous years, the gallery has partnered with TRLA to present Plein air events at Moore Creek Caves Reserve and the Tamworth Urban Landcare Group sites.  You can learn more about the TRLA by visiting their website.

The workshop will be held on Sunday 19th July.
The last weekend of the school holidays.

There is an adult and children's workshop. 

School aged (12+) 10am-12 noon
Adult 1.30-3.30

  • Outline of Workshop
    This course will give practical instruction on the many aspects of plein air painting using acrylic paint.
  • Michelle is happy to cater to all levels of experience in painting from rank beginners to people wanting to extend their skills.
    Exercises will be set to cover a few different techniques and approaches. Throughout the session there will be many opportunities for feedback on the individuals work, one on one with Michelle and with the class.

    Painting materials are not part of the course cost and must be provided by the student.

  • How can I be part of this event ?
    You can register by completing the registration form. For the event to be successful you will need to ensure you can meet both the material and the technical requirements.
  • Materials list
    Acrylic paints in cool and warm primary colours (red, blue, yellow).

    This is a suggested list: if you have preferred colours bring those. Just buy the primary colours in either Warm or Cool if you are just starting out and don’t want to spend too much.

    Choose 1 from each list below-names will vary depending on brand.

    Reds warm- Cadmium red, Scarlett, Vermillion
    Reds cool – Magenta, Alizarin, Rose Madder
    Blue warm - Cobalt, Pthalo. Blue
    Cool blue –Ultramarine, Prussian blue
    Yellow warm – Cadmium yellow, Indian yellow
    Yellow cool – Lemon, Process yellow

    Buy what you can afford. Good brands are Atelier, Golden, Matisse, Art Spectrum, Chroma etc.  

    Also include one of the following:

    Yellow ochre, raw or burnt umber, titanium/zinc white, and carbon or mars black.

    For acrylics - Acrylic Retarder (if you want to slow drying time), matt or gloss medium.

    N.B. Not necessary to get this for the class buy only if you want to use it.

    You will need:

    Brushes- a range of sizes (e.g. low-cost bristle brushes, for use with acrylics - varying sizes depends on board size).

    Other items you might find handy:

    A palette knife or teaspoon for decanting paint if your paint is in jars.
    Bulldog clips or tape. To hold paper onto boards if using paper.
    Pencil or willow charcoal, or any preferred drawing kit.
    Stanley Knife 
    A palette. Not too big. Make it a manageable size. Even two plastic plates are quite good in the bush. They can be taped facing opposite each other for easy transportation.
    ( disposable gloves.) if you use them.
    Water containers . 1 to wash brushes, 1 for clean water
    Foldable table, chair / portable easel
    A garbage bag. 1 for transporting wet work home and 1 for personal garbage.

  • Technical requirements
    Participants will connect via Zoom software.
    Reliable internet connection is required.
    Laptop with webcam and audio is recommended. 

  • Zoom tests
    Education Officer Emma Stilts will complete tests for Zoom will all participants in the week before the session.
    Please Indicate your preference for zoom test – date and time am/pm
    The test will take approx. 15 minutes.

    Thursday 15 
    Friday 16 July
    Or if required Saturday 17 July

  • Additional Information
    Participants will be required to sign a media consent form from Tamworth Regional Council.
    Due to the nature of delivery this workshop is limited to 10 participants.
    We will contact successful participants by 8th July.

This event is proudly supported by Tamworth Regional Landcare Association.

Please support our local Landcare groups by considering becoming a member, or by donating a tree you can learn more about the amazing work they do by visiting

If you have any questions, please contact Emma Stilts on 02 67 67 5230  or email  e[dot]stilts[at]tamworth[dot]nsw[dot]gov[dot]au
or Local Landcare Co-ordinator Penne Fraser on 0409 196 484 or email penne[at]trla[dot]org[dot]au

We hope you can be involved in this exciting project.

Please register your interest here.



Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

19 July 2020

10:00 AM - 03:30 PM