Intra-actions: Hanna Kay

9 April - 22 May 2022

Impact too (detail), 2012, oil and tempera on linen 1550 x1400mm.

Photography: Leslie Wand


                                                         Hanna Kay


My artworks draw on the immediate natural surroundings in which I live. They are a record of memories and experiences. I don't document – I prefer to imagine and follow urges and sparks of intuitive ideas. Mostly my art is an aesthetic expression of the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature. I entitled the exhibition Intra-actions to highlight this aspect of our relationship with the natural world and to emphasise that the ability to interact emerges from within the relationship rather than enforced from outside of it. And that this ability is in flux, and changing according to processes it is engaged in.

I have been painting and drawing for over four decades in four continents where I was fortunate enough to establish myself as an artist. The trajectory of my artistic career has taken me from Israel, where I grew up, to Europe where I studied art in Vienna, to New York where I lived and practised my art for a decade, to Sydney for a decade, and finally to the Upper Hunter valley where my home and studio are situated amid five acres, cradled between a river and the ranges which provide an endless source of inspiration.

Perhaps because I moved between cultures and languages, my way of connecting to a place, and making sense of it has been through the natural environment and it has served me as a point of reference when settling into a new place. In time I have come to recognize that the landscape and the forces that act upon it are the most important factors that shape a society's practices and an essential element in the formation of a culture’s distinctiveness. This conviction has been a driving force and a stimulus. The art I end up making explores the tension between order and disorder, between what-is and what-was. They offer the viewer a dialogue between states of being and can be seen as instances of cycles connected to natural processes of growth, decay, and regeneration.


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hanna Kay

                                                                                                                                                                                                             March 2022


To discover more about Hanna, click on the link below to read the blog post by Jo Moulton, a design practitioner, an industry consultant, and a media and communications producer. Founded the Sanctuary East Gippsland co-design lab and publisher of


*Intra-action - is a Quantum Physics’ concept which focuses on the dynamic forces which all ‘thing’ (including humans) are constantly exchanging, influencing and working inseparably.


Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

09 April - 22 May 2022