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A conversation with Barbara McKay and Marilynne Barnes in the Gallery space of their shared exhibition 'Perceptions'...

Marilynne Barnes and Barbara McKay' Perceptions'


Marilynne Barnes & Barbara McKay


Bring your lunch and join local artists for Barbara McKay and Marilynne Barnes in conversation with Gallery Director Bridget Guthrie as they discuss their joint exhibition 'Perceptions'. 

McKay’s inspiration for the works in this exhibition derives from the landscape. Since moving to Uralla McKay has made many trips around the regional areas of N.S.W. She is constantly amazed by the variation which exists when travelling from the coast, over the mountains and across the plains. These changes are enhanced from season to season, times of day and fickle weather changes. In each series of work she has captured the uniqueness of each area. “Once I have familiarised myself with a place I take photographs of general vistas, close up shots of particular trees, bark, leaves lichen etc, making many drawings in visual diaries”. This enables McKay to return to her studio and expand these visual experiences into her painting process.

Barnes paints the human body; she is fascinated by the shapes found within and around the human form. To capture the muscles and bones beneath the surface of the skin and the translucency of skin is a continual challenge. Barnes is continually trying to get beneath the skin, both visually and psychologically. Body language has always held a fascination for her as she captures the slight nuances of movement within the body that indicate the subject’s mood. Barnes challenges the viewer to be able to recognise what the subject is feeling, to believe that they are seeing some secret part of that person, and to be able to add some of their own knowledge and experience to the story.


Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

22 February 2019

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM