New Stitches

Curated by Lyniece Keogh

Summary square image: Sharyn Egan, Mission Sisters, (detail) 2017, Eco-dyed fabric, recycled fabric, wool, plastic, cotton, acrylic, found objects. Photography Natalija Brunovs. Webpage image: Jutta Feddersen, Untitled, (detail) 1978, stitched and woven jute. Photography Lou Farina, Tamworth.

New Stitches


New Stitches is a contemporary female voice responding to significant collection held by Tamworth Regional Gallery and documents the emergence of the collection embracing change to include all forms of art practices. 


Curated by regional Aboriginal Curator Lyniece Keogh and showcasing artworks by contemporary artists Adrienne Doig,  Joan Ross and regional Aboriginal artist Adele Chapman-Burgess. 


New Stitches features traditional and contemporary art practices and mediums as a narrative to the legacy of collections in regional galleries for local, national and international audiences






Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

18 June - 07 August 2022