National Tour

Photography by Steve Gonsalves Photographics

Tensions 2020 Tamworth Textile Triennial National Tour

Tamworth Textile Triennial, held every three years, showcases the best of textile art from across the country, attracting artist participation from all states in Australia. Tensions 2020 Tamworth Textile Triennial has been curated by Vic McEwan. 

"Musical theory teaches us that as we change the tension that a material is under, we also change its pitch. It is through the combining of these various tensions that we are able to create a chord, a melody, a verse, a chorus. As the curator of Tension(s) 2020, I aim to take the various tones and pitches offered by the tension(s) these artists are exploring, and attempt to bring them together into a coherence of composition: a spatial and visual composition that is sometimes in unison, sometimes dissonant, sometimes sweet and melodic, and sometimes pure noise.

Tension(s) 2020 is a coming together that both reveals and conceals the artist, reveals and conceals the audience, and provokes us to actively remember that if there is one thing hindsight has taught us, it is that we risk danger whenever we draw meaning from only one perspective. "                                            

                                                                                                                                                                        - Curator Vic McEwan.

National Tour Dates:  

  • Tamworth Regional Gallery, NSW 1 August – 20 September 2020

  • Mosman Art Gallery, NSW 10 October - 6 December 2020

  • Manning Regional Gallery, NSW 18 December 2020 – 14 February 2021

  • Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre, NSW 5 March – 2 May 2021

  • ArtSpace MacKay, QLD 28 May – 18 July 2021

  • Artisan, QLD 24 July – 5 September 2021

  • Craft ACT : Craft & Design Centre, ACT 18 September  – 31 October 2021

  • Wangaratta Regional Gallery, VIC 20 November 2021 – 13 February 2021

  • Monington Peninsula Regional Gallery, VIC 11 March– 15 May 2022

  • Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia), VIC 21 May - 26 July 2021

  • Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW  5 August – 23 October 2022