Our Purpose

Elioth (Elliott) Lauritz Leganyer Gruner

Elioth (Elliott) Lauritz Leganyer Gruner Born 1882 New Zealand, arrived Australia 1883, died 1939 Australia Broadwater Gosford not dated Oil on canvas 300mm x 405mm Bequest of Mr N.W. & Mrs M.E. Burdekin 1961
OUR purpose

To provide a visual arts and cultural resource that inspires, enriches and informs the community; enhances experiences through the visual arts; and is a model in the delivery of cultural services to the community. 

We believe that the arts and culture are for everyone – for visitors of all ages, abilities, genders and cultures.

Tamworth Regional Gallery offers a distinctive connection to place and a curatorial agenda that creates meaningful art experiences for all. The Tamworth Regional Gallery collection exists for our audiences – to comprehend the past, to navigate the present, and as a potent avenue for imagining the future. Placing art, access and audiences at the very heart of who we are guides the Gallery’s artistic and public programs. Tamworth Regional Gallery contributes positively to cultural cohesion, social wellbeing, creativity, engaged citizenship, and the economic life in Tamworth and the surrounding region. The Gallery’s purpose is to provide access to the arts in a regional centre that focuses on artistic vibrancy, social and cultural impact, cultural tourism and an arts ecosystem.

Artistic Vibrancy: The exhibition program creates a cultural experience that stimulates the creativity and curiosity of our audiences and increases audience attendance and engagement. Social and Cultural Impact: The public and education programs increase appreciation of
different forms of creative expression, leading to increased empathy and greater understanding of difference.

Cultural Tourism: As a major regional hub with a diverse cultural landscape, Tamworth is a tourist destination that also services the local regional area. The Gallery provides access to visual arts and cultural experiences as part of the tourism offering.

Arts Ecosystem: Artists living in regional New South Wales have limited access to opportunities to continue to build their reputation and to
have a sustainable practice. The Gallery plays an important role by working with a curated group of artists, supporting them to develop their
practice, and providing access to audiences. 

Our Values
We believe that the arts and culture are for everyone – for visitors of all ages, abilities, genders and cultures.
Our core values are: 1. Equity 2. Access 3. Authenticity 4. Collaboration, and 5. Courage

Our Goals
Tamworth Regional Gallery is a cultural and community service managed by Tamworth Regional Council. The Gallery aims to provide access to the arts in a regional centre to foster, promote and enhance understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts through its collections, temporary exhibitions and public programs. Our goals are Excellence, Engagement and Sustainability.
• Delivering EXCELLENCE in cultural programs
through exhibitions and collections
• Developing audience ENGAGEMENT through
participation in events and education
• Implementing SUSTAINABILITY through
development of the collection and our

Goal 1 = Excellence
• To create a complete visitor experience that demonstrates to all visitors thecalibre of Tamworth Regional Gallery
• To produce new work that advances the visual arts and provides opportunities for innovation and creativity to flourish
• To create powerful exhibitions that generate meaningful audience engagement and create a safe place for unsafe discussions
• To demonstrate best practice in collection management, including the processes of acquisition and the development of a visual arts collection plan
• To develop a diverse exhibitions schedule of both touring and in-house products, to ‘get the exhibition mix right’, with their associated public programs

Goal 2 = Engagement
• To capture new audiences, especially our priority areas, who would not typically seek out the visual arts, and to provide exposure to and engagement with meaningful experiences
• To work in partnership with the local community, volunteers and identified stakeholders to collaboratively engage our communities
• To provide a diversity of dynamic educational and public programs throughout the life span of our audiences
• To provide accessible exhibitions, resources and outreach programs, both online and at the art gallery, to educate and link back to the national curriculum
• To generate innovative exhibitions, including touring exhibitions of a national calibre, to engage new and diverse audiences
• To ensure the collection is accessible both physically and virtually, and to extend this accessibility through loans to and from external cultural institutions

Goal 3 = Sustainability
• To support the arts community and promote the development of creative industries and their ongoing success at both the local and national levels
• To generate a diversity of income streams for Tamworth Regional Gallery that are not reliant on one source
• To develop and build the visual arts collection through a combination of cultural gifts, purchases, bequests, donations and commissions
• To maintain and extend the existing branding and reputation of Tamworth Regional Gallery, including through continuation of the Tamworth TextileTriennial
• To work sustainably in the delivery of all programs and exhibitions, in gallery management, and in improving our built environment to reduce our environmental impact


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