Anne Hayes, Banksia serrata, old man banksia, gabiirr (Guugu Yimithirr), (detail) 2017. Watercolour on paper, 63 x 45 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Artistic Endeavour:

Contemporary botanical artists’ response to the legacy of Banks, Solander and Parkinson

Artistic Endeavour: Contemporary botanical artists’ response to the legacy of Banks, Solander and Parkinson marks the 250th anniversary of the HMB Endeavour’s voyage along the east coast of Australia. Scientists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, together with illustrator Sydney Parkinson, gathered and recorded many “… curious plants [they] met with on shore”.


12 November 2021 - 06 February 2022

Image: Juliet Knuckey, Self-portrait (2020) Armidale Secondary College Collection of Works (detail).


An exhibition of 6 regional students artworks, who were selected for ARTEXPRESS 2020.

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination. This exhibition represents 6 students from across the North West who were selected for exhibition for ARTEXPRESS Click here for more...


02 December 2021 - 31 January 2022

Glenn Barley and Romance was Born, Collaborative Suit, 2021.
Demin jeans and earthenware embellishments with mother of pearl buttons. Photography by Aaron Anderson

Take Me Home to Tamworth: Guided Tour with Bridget Guthrie

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Bridget Guthrie, along with Dr Roslyn Russel curated this wonderful exhibition. Hear from the exhibition curator and learn some of the stories behind this amazing exhibition. This exhibition was 2 years in the making, and describes the complex narrative that is Australian Country Music; from it's early beginnings to contemporary artists' work.



18 January 2022

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Tanya Hoolihan, Lomandra longifolia subsp. longifolia spiky head matrush dili (Yuggara) 2019. Watercolour, graphite on paper, Image courtesy of the artist

Botanical Watercolour Masterclass with Tanya Hoolihan

A wonderful opportunity to learn watercolours from artist Tanya Hoolihan who is featured in our current exhibition Artistic Endeavour

Participants will work from a live botanical specimen to create a graphite study, concentrating on form, shading and contrast. This study will then be used as the basis for a small watercolour painting using the techniques of controlled washes and dry brush application to build colour and form suitable for botanical subjects.



06 February 2022

10:30 AM - 03:30 PM

Photography by Joel Wenitong

Take Me Home to Tamworth: Uncle Roger Knox

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Kamilaroi/Gomeroi man Roger Knox  will perform in its entirety, his new and as yet unreleased album – a deadly Cultural Country performance. Enjoy this FREE concert showcasing the amazing Uncle Roger Knox. Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort, as you sit amongst the wonderful photographs, memorabilia and artworks that chronical 50 years of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.



20 April 2022

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM