Residue + Response: 5th Tamworth Textile Triennial Artists

The Artists

Sophie Honess, Rest, 2023, pre-owned vintage wool and latch hook mat, 1500x1200 mm. Photography Miranda Heckenberg.




The year 2023 marks Tamworth Regional Gallery’s 50 year of celebrating textile art. To mark this milestone, the 5th Tamworth Textile Triennial includes a record 25 artworks by artists from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, as part of the exhibition development, five established artists have supported five emerging artists to expand their creative practice. This two-way collaboration and exchange has fostered greater artistic expression and collaboration, exploring materials, methods and meaning in Residue + Response: Tamworth Textile Triennial.  


Amy Hammond | NSW                                   Kyra Mancktelow | NSW

Anne Graham | NSW                                      Leanne Zilka & Jenny Underwood | VIC

Blake Griffiths | SA                                         Liz Williamson | NSW

Casselle Mountford | QLD                            Lucy Irvine | ACT

Dana Harris | VIC                                             Maggie Hansel-Brown | NSW

Daphne Banyawarra | NT                             Mandy Quadrio & Jan Oliver | QLD

Fiona Gavino | WA                                           Norton Fredericks | QLD

Hannah Quinlivan | ACT                                Paula do Prado | NSW & Tamara Burlando | NT

Joan Ross | NSW                                               Rachael Wellisch | QLD

Jumaadi | NSW                                                 Sophie Honess | NSW

Kait James | NSW                                             Sybil Orr| NSW

Kate Harding | QLD

Kate Just | VIC                                                  Curated by Carol McGregor