Art in a Suitcase 2017


Tamworth Regional Gallery provides outreach programs. The popular ‘Art in a Suitcase’ program brings original artworks from the gallery’s collection to schools, with the gallery’s Education Officer conducting art appreciation classes with students from K-6. This engaging program fosters an interest in the arts, while providing support for teachers and documentation for their programs. 


'All students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it was able to consolidate the experiences the students have had in appreciating art. This program is of great benefit and so important for students who do not have access to metropolitan galleries that can only be encountered on annual excursions. Without any reservation, we at St Edwards School, will participate in any further programs or workshops offered by Tamworth Regional Gallery. Thank you so much for the opportunities you offer to staff and students in our regional schools.’

St Edwards Primary School



ES1-S1  $20.00 per class

S2-S3     $25.00 per class

To book Art in a Suitcase to come to your school, contact the Gallery's Education Officer


31 January - 30 December 2017

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